Presenting With Power

So there you are in front of the room/prospect and you have to do your first presentation for your Network Marketing company….Are you scared?  Nervous?Are you ready?  It doesn’t matter because your there now right so what do you do?You step up and DELIVER your presentation with POWER and AUTHORITY!!  Why because thats who you […]

Developing Leadership on YOUR Team

Have you ever met that guy or girl that you view as a leader that just can’t seem to see themselves as a leader but to everyone else its obvious?I know I have many times.Sadly enough I have brought people into my business that I saw in that light and they just couldn’t seem to […]

5 Steps to Becoming an Expert Prospector

​One of the first questions most people have when being introduced to Network Marketing is “Who do I know that would be interested in this?”Was that or is that YOU??That’s a great question but the real question they should be asking WHO DO I KNOW?Did you know that 80% of Network Marketers simply make a […]

6 Simple Steps to Inviting

Are you having trouble with inviting people to check out your products or business?You’re not alone…I think everyone does at first.I was totally terrified at first…There is THE list of contacts and for me there was a second list that I was scared call…I called it my chicken list…Do you have a chicken list????I’​d bet […]