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Taya Sakala

Dedicated, Knowledgeable & Extremely Helpful!

”Gary is great to work with! He is real and down to earth and dedicated. He is extremely knowledgeable about business and always has great advice to get you on to the next level. He has years of experience in his niche and is great company outside of work.”

Helped Me Achieve My Goals!!!

“Gary has been absolutely phenomenal in helping me build my business online. Rather than waiting for me to ask for help he reached out to me, took me by the hand and helped me to reach my goals. He is one of the best mentors and leaders I have ever had. He works hard constantly striving for excellence. Thanks Gary for accelerating my growth and the growth of my business.” Brandy Shaver

Brandy Shaver
Cari & Whit Higham

Gary Is Likeable And Tenacious!

We’ve worked closely with Gary over the past 2.5 years. His likeable personality and tenacious work ethic is contagious. His dedication, drive and commitment to his team shines through as he develops leaders in his organization. He’s an incredible leader that has a passion for helping others. Our team has benefited from is willingness to go the extra mile to serve others. We’re lucky to get to work so closely with him.

About Gary

Hi there! my name is Gary J Bartholomew, the founder of GaryJBartholomew.com where I train and coach network marketers on how to build their business on and offline. I am an author, speaker, trainer and coach to people from many different companies in the network marketing industry. As an added bonus, I am generating money through my online affiliate. I specialize in helping network marketers move their offline recruiting activities and tactics to an online strategy. Whether you are new to the industry or a Network Marketing Professional looking for the next boost to your business I would be honored to help you achieve the success you're looking for in this industry.